What does GPB mean to you? If an alien from another planet stopped by and asked you that question, how would you answer? We put the question to our followers on Facebook and Twitter by asking them to finish the sentence “#MyGPB is…” Here’s how they responded:

“Life long learners who love information about the past, present and future and who seek pleasure from the sound of music.” - Eleanor Lane , Facebook

“Lovers of antiques, ice cream/ hot dogs/flea markets (Rick Sebak), self help and documentaries.” - Kalin Thomas, Facebook

“History geeks!”-  Carrie Goodale, Facebook

“#MyGPB is quality programming and news.” - Steph, Twitter

How would you finish the sentence? Enter your answer in the comments section.

When we finished the sentence ourselves, we came up with this: “MyGPB is variety, a resource with something for everyone that embodies Georgia!”

That’s hard to share across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram on a graphic. So instead we decided to create this blog: MyGPB. On it we’ll share our variety: updates on programs, initiatives and events. So check back frequently to this place for everyone.

And we did take a crack at coming up with a more concise version of our first answer. As a result, we created these short phrases that our graphics team designed shareable graphics for. We encourage you to download them and share them on your social platforms if you haven't already. And as always thank you for your support!

#MyGPB is Georgia.

#MyGPB is community.

#MyGPB is drama.

#MyGPB is kids.

#MyGPB is history.

#MyGPB is diversity.