In this episode of the Football Fridays in Georgia podcast, hosts Hannah Goodin and Jon Nelson dive into the significance of high school football camps. They discuss how these camps help players and coaching staffs refine their skills, foster team bonding, and build competitive spirit ahead of the regular season. Special guest Roswell Head Coach Chris Prewett explains the value of camps, from preparing athletes for unexpected situations to building camaraderie among teammates. This heartfelt episode also touches on Roswell High School's annual 7-on-7 tournament, which honors the legacy of former quarterback Robbie Roper, who tragically died in 2021.


High school football team practices

High school football teams take part in summer practices in preparation for the season.

Credit: GPB Sports


This episode of Football Fridays in Georgia explores the vital role football camps play in preparing high school teams for the upcoming season. Hosts Hannah Goodin and Jon Nelson talk with Roswell herd coach Chris Prewett about how camps allow players to compete, adapt to different situations, and form strong bonds with their teammates. The discussion includes insights into the logistics of organizing camps and how coaches learn to adjust quickly without knowing their opponents in advance.

Additionally, the episode highlights a special football camp at Roswell High School that honors the legacy of former quarterback Robbie Roper. Robbie died after his junior season, but his impact continues through the 7-on-7 tournament, which raises funds for scholarships in his memory. James Roper, Robbie's father, shares a few stories about his son's remarkable character and the ongoing effort to keep his legacy alive through these camps and scholarships.