In this episode, host Hannah Goodin delves into the world of high school football recruiting through the eyes of Amy Hecklinski, mother of 2023 GPB Offensive Player of the Year Jeremy Hecklinski. Amy discusses the unique challenges and triumphs of raising a scholarship-level athlete, offering insights into the intense pressures, critical decisions, and pivotal moments that come with guiding a young athlete from high school to college football. Learn about the sacrifices, support, and values that shape a future football star, along with the role that family plays in nurturing talent. Whether you're a parent, coach, or sports enthusiast, this episode provides a compelling look at the journey from Friday night lights to the collegiate gridiron. Tune in for an inspiring and honest conversation about football, family, and the road to success.




Raising Champions: Behind the Scenes with Football Moms


Join host Hannah Goodin as she takes you behind the curtain of high school sports in Georgia. In this episode, Hannah speaks with Amy Hecklinski, mother of the 2023 GPB Offensive Player of the Year, Jeremy Hecklinski, about the journey from high school to college football and what it's like to raise a scholarship-level athlete.

Discover the unique challenges and rewarding moments that come with having a talented football player at home. Amy shares insights on navigating the intense world of high school football, the recruiting process, and making critical decisions that impact her son's future. Learn about the emotional and logistical aspects of guiding an athlete from high school to the collegiate level, including the pressure, sacrifices, and pivotal moments along the way.

Through Amy's perspective, explore the delicate balance between supporting your child and letting them take the lead, while also ensuring they have the best opportunities to succeed. Whether you're a parent, coach, or sports enthusiast, this episode offers a heartfelt and informative look at what it takes to raise a football star. Tune in to this episode of Beyond the Lights for an inspiring conversation about family, football, and the journey to greatness.