In this episode of the Football Fridays in Georgia podcast, Jon Nelson and Hannah Goodin discuss the exciting world of high school football coaching transitions. They catch up with head coaches Maurice Freeman, Jeff Littleton, and Kurt Williams as they embark on new journeys and face new challenges. 

Coach Maurice Freeman on the sideline

Former Brooks County Head Coach Maurice Freeman


In this episode, hosts Jon Nelson and Hannah Goodin dive into the world of high school football coaching transitions, catching up with old friends who have embarked on new journeys.

First up, former Brooks County head coach Maurice Freeman shares his experiences moving from Georgia to Daleville, Ala. Despite leaving behind a legacy of success in Georgia, Freeman embraces the challenge of revitalizing a new football program, bringing his trademark toughness and dedication to the Wiregrass region.

Next, the spotlight shifts to Tift County as Coach Jeff Littleton discusses his transition from Bainbridge to Tift. With a storied coaching career behind him, Littleton faces the uphill battle of rejuvenating a struggling program in a fiercely competitive region.

Finally, Kurt Williams is stepping into a new role at Macon County with a lot of history behind it. It's interesting to hear about his previous experiences at Lanier County and his connection to Macon County from earlier in his career. Transitioning from one program to another always comes with its challenges, but it seems like Williams is excited about the opportunity to build on the success already established at Macon County.

Plus, Hannah and the tax man face off head-to-head.