In this episode of the Football Fridays in Georgia podcast, Jon Nelson and Hannah Goodin break down the "quarterfinal chaos" from last week, they talk 300+ mile road trips with Camden County's head coach, and find out how Creekside's team stays focused.  Plus, what happened to the four nationally ranked teams in 7A?


In this episode:

  • Quarterfinal Chaos
  • Camden County beats #1 team in Georgia in 7A
  • Preview Camden County vs Walton
  • Interview with Camden County Head Coach Jeff Herron
  • Interview with Creekside Head Coach Maurice Dixon
  • 7A's four nationally ranked teams are out of the playoffs  


On keeping his team focused: 

Hannah Goodin: What has been your message to the team this year? I know you mentioned wanting to get past the third round. Has there been another special message that you've had this year to motivate your team to get this far?

Creekside Head Coach Maurice Dixon: It's about not being selfish. You know, we live in a world where Instagram and likes and followers blow up anytime there's a spectacular play. We've asked our guys to let all of that go and commit to being a part of Creekside. And as Creekside grows and as Creekside goes, the more successful they'll be in the end on the return.


On long road trips:

Hannah Goodin: This will be your sixth major game on the road. 335 miles last week, 333 miles this Friday. Have you adopted some sort of rhythm, some sort of tradition, some sort of bus ritual, coach? How you do this? What do these road trips look like?

Camden County Head Coach Jeff Herron: I come in on, you know, Saturday when it is turning daylight or Sunday after the Newton game, and I dump my suitcase out and my wife washes my clothes and everything.

Hannah Goodin: Bless her.

Camden County Head Coach Jeff Herron: We just stick 'em right back in the suitcase and I set it back in the corner. So it has gotten easier. We've learned the way we know where to stop and the rest areas and all that kind of stuff. But honestly, I hate to say it. You wouldn't want to do it every year, but I think this year it's kind of been a blessing to us. We've got adopted the mode: we don't have to go to Atlanta, we get to go to Atlanta. And our kids, like they like being on the road. They like eating real good food and staying at nice hotels and riding charter busses, you know? And I think that's helped and brought our team closer together this year.