In this episode of the Football Fridays in Georgia podcast, Jon Nelson breaks down the remaining teams in the playoff brackets, we talk Thanksgiving practice and traditions with Benedictine Head Coach Danny Britt and Jefferson Head Coach Travis Noland, and preview Colquitt County vs. Milton in Round 3 of the GHSA Playoffs. 


In this episode:

  • Valdosta vs. Carrollton recap
  • Thanksgiving practice and traditions
  • Playoff bracket breakdown
  • Benedictine Head Coach Danny Britt
  • Jefferson Head Coach Travis Noland



Jon Nelson: But when it comes to team and family, what Thanksgiving traditions do you guys have down there?

Danny Britt Benedictine Head Coach: You know, as far as the team's concerned, and we have a tradition of of obviously practicing on Thanksgiving morning and we practice early that morning. And then, you know, we'll have the guys just like a lot of people do, talk about what they're thankful for. You know, that it's we try to as much as we can, as much as, you know, about football. But we you know, it is a family. And then as far as my family, they've just become accustomed to, they all come home to Savannah. So my two daughters, my one daughter is flying in tonight from New York and my other daughter, Southern will be in Wednesday from Florida. And my son DeMarcus is coming down with his his two children. And they will get up long after I get a Thursday morning of Thanksgiving and they'll start cooking. And, I don't know how many bottles of champagne they go through with their mimosas they drink now that they're adults, but it is a party when I get home from practice, I can always tell you that. They are dancing and music loud and they're having a blast. And there's nothing that makes me happier than coming home to that and and seeing them, you know, my adult children just having a blast together.





Jon Nelson: Now, I know that one of your Thanksgiving traditions that you like is playing on Thanksgiving and having practice and such. What other Thanksgiving traditions are there in the Noland House and with the team that folks need to know about?

Travis Noland Jefferson Head Coach: Well, in the Noland House, we've been so spread out as a family for the last six years with my sons playing college football and that kind of thing. So we haven't been together a lot. This would be the first Thanksgiving that we'll be together in quite a while. So we're excited about that opportunity. You know, there's nothing unique about our menu or that kind of thing, but just having a chance to have the family together will be nice. As a team, you know, we do a team breakfast after practice every every year that we make it to this point. And so we look forward to just having a meal together on that special day with our team. That's different than a lot of the other meals that we have had together as a team.

Jon Nelson: So then what are you thankful for in addition to that first Thanksgiving in six years where everybody gets to be under one roof of the Noland household?

Travis Noland Jefferson Head Coach: Oh, I'm thankful for a lot. I'm a blessed man. You know, this is the first year of having a grandson on Thanksgiving. So I look forward to spending some time with him and just found out this past week that our second grandson from a different marriage in our household. So I'm looking forward to that blessing. You know, I'm just blessed in so many ways. I'm grateful to be at Jefferson and getting to coach young men and being at this point in time in our program has been exciting.