Thirty-eight region champs have been crowned with twenty-six still left to be decided; this is a very important week in Georgia high school football.  On this episode, Jon and Hannah look at the matchups all over the state and talk with two former colleagues each facing big games: Colquitt County Head Coach Sean Calhoun and Milton Head Coach Ben Reaves. 

Milton Eagles
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Inside this week's podcast:

  • 38 Region Champs - 26 yet to be decided
  • First coaching jobs
  • Foam Hog
  • Lambert vs. Milton on GPB
  • Colquitt County's Head Coach Sean Calhoun
  • Milton's Head Coach Ben Reaves

Hannah Goodin: Well, the region finale will be for the Region 6AAAAAAA trophy. You're hosting Lambert on Friday. We are broadcasting it on GPB. Tell me what to expect atmosphere wise and what are your keys to the game?

Milton Head Coach Ben Reaves: Yes. You know, we're going to try to bring the energy back. And I told for the DJ that he did such a good job last week that he's got to come back one more time. And, you know, we we have a couple different uniform combinations. The kids always like to, you know, mix and match and run out in something fun. So it'll just be a good high school environment, a fun high school environment, but also a competitive game between two teams that respect each other and two coaching staffs that respect each other. You know, coach, Coach Beach and I, our relationship goes back to when we were J.V. golf coaches.

Jon Nelson: Wow.

Milton Head Coach Ben Reaves: I used to do golf a couple of years ago and J.V. golf matches is just, you know, certain sitting in golf carts together, you know, talking and having a good time. And now we're two head coaches playing each other for a region title two years in a row. So just, you know, like I said, a bunch of respect on both sides.


Colquitt Head Coach Sean Calhoun

Colquitt County Packers Head Coach Sean Calhoun talks to GPB Sports' Jon Nelson during Jon's Southern Swing school tour in August 2022.

Credit: GPB Sports



Hannah Goodin: You guys are doing amazing this season. I have a stat you are averaging 46 points per game on offense. You just beat Valdosta 44-28 to clinch the region. How does it feel, Coach, you've had success with Colquitt ever since you've been there. What makes this team special?

Colquitt County Head Coach Sean Calhoun: Obviously it feels great. You know, after nine games you want to be 9-0, but hadn't been perfect. I picked up some gray hairs on the way. And we have a group of kids, like when you talk about strictly offense, what we're doing on offense is what we should be doing with the amount of experience like our starting left tackle. Dirk Daniels. He's played every down since he was a ninth grader. You got Nico, Landon, and Ny that have been playing since they were ninth graders and every down since they were sophomores. And so just there's so much experience at all 11 positions that that was going to be the driving force for the team this year.  Defensively, you know, replace nine of 11. And so the offense at times is going to have to carry the team. And that's just kind of what we're all we're built for this year and we've done a good job so far. So hopefully we can continue that.