Pierson Allison is a starting pro-style quarterback for Union County High School in Blairsville. The 6-foot-1, 170-pound senior is one of the top passers in the state, throwing for 1,880 yards, 22 touchdowns and only one interception. He has thrown for more than 400 yards twice this season and set a new school record, surpassing Joe Mancuso, with 490 yards through the air in the 53-21 victory over Monticello. 

Union County head coach Brian Allison said they didn’t know Pierson broke the record at the time, he was just focused on winning the game. The Panthers are now 7-0 and coach Allison credits Pierson, four top receivers and a strong offensive line for putting the team in that position offensively. 

When it comes to coaching his son, Allison said, “It’s a really cool thing to be a part of with him after coaching so many kids over all these years. It’s really cool to see him on the field and progress.” He also said the recruiting process is tough for a quarterback and assistant coach Paul McBride is helping Pierson get his highlight video sent out to schools. 

We caught up with offensive standout to ask him a few questions.

What is it like to play for your dad? “It’s definitely different, but it’s really fun being able to spend time with him on and off the field. It’s really special.”

What have you been able to learn from him as your coach? “I think the one thing I can take from him as a coach is that you need to face adversity when adversity hits, you don’t need to cower away from it. Adversity is going to come and go and it’s one of the biggest things in football, and in life, so you have to understand that when hard times come, better things are coming for you.”

What would you attribute your big season to? “Personally, I feel like I have one of the best receivers and receiving corps in the state. Also, my offensive line has stepped up big. That was one of the questions going into the season, but I think we have answered that question and everything is rolling.”

What has your recruiting experience been like? “I’ve been contacted by some smaller schools, no big schools yet. Patience has been one of the big keys in my process so far.”

What is it like to play under the lights at Union County each week? “Union County is very special. You can see the mountains in the background, there’s just something about it. The atmosphere in Union County and the community is very great, it’s very supporting. There are always a lot of people, probably most of the people in the town, that come out to the football games. Football is probably the biggest part of this town and it’s really special being with all of my friends.”

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