Catching, cradling and making goals are a way of life for the girl’s Lacrosse team at Milton High School. The Lady Eagles have a championship mindset.

Tim Godby has been the head coach for Milton’s Lacrosse team ever since 2005. From the beginning he has instilled a, “Whatever it takes” attitude. Consequently, the phrase has become a team motto, a motto that has carried the team to 9 state championships.

“Whether it is practicing in the elements or wherever you can find a place to do something to get better.” Coach Godby says, “I’m trying to get the girls to have a winning attitude.”

The Eagles will continue to chant, “Whatever it takes” as they prepare to compete for a 10th state championship on Saturday, May 16th. Milton will host the state championships as they take on Walton High School at 5pm.

Watch the video below on the Milton eagles preparing for the championships.