One-loss Gainesville plays 7-2 Flowery Branch in a game that decides it all this Friday on GPB's Football Fridays in Georgia.

So, there’s only one week remaining…

We'll know who’s who and we’ll have the trimming of the herd, for the first time, before we get to the third season: the playoffs…

Three teams had already clinched their ticket to the playoffs before last Friday: Brooks County, Washington County, and Archer. Twenty-five more had their chance to do the same and some of the games had the elevated status of deciding who is the top seed and who is the two seed in a region…

Next week, we’ll go from 405 all the way down to 192… and it starts all over again. All you need is a four of five-game win streak to get a state championship.

Here’s the list of who could have had something good happen:

North Cobb - 4-AAAAAA
Alpharetta - 6-AAAAAA
Northside (W.R.) - 1-AAAAA
Ware County - 3-AAAAA
Westover - 1-AAAA
Mary Persons - 2-AAAA
Veterans - 2-AAAA
Carrollton - 5-AAAA
Sandy Creek 5-AAAA
Chestatee - 8-AAAA
Monroe Area - 8-AAAA
Carver (Columbus) - 2-AAA
Peach County - 2-AAA
Callaway - 4-AAA
Elbert County - 8-AAA
Benedictine - 2-AA
Dublin - 3-AA
Laney - 3-AA
Lamar County - 4-AA
Calhoun - 7-AA
Model - 7-AA
Washington-Wilkes - 8-AA
Clinch County - 2-A
Marion County - 4-A
Prince Avenue Christian - 8-A

So, let’s continue our story with the trip around the state…

Here’s Veterans and Mary Persons… a defensive battle at Dan Pitts Field in Forsyth…
Big Frank has the highlights…

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Congrats to Coach Bruce and everyone in Kathleen…
In the International City, it was Northside and Warner Robins going at it at the Mac…
Here’s Big Marvin…

Over at McClung Memorial, it was Carver and Peach County in 2-AAA. “Shocking” is the first adjective that comes to mind with this game in the books…

Dave Platta has the highlights in “Sports Overtime…”

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For this week’s “Frenzy,” it was a wet night for Statesboro and Wayne County--a game that went down to the wire…Frank and Stefanie also get to show you some Calvary Day, Vidalia, and Savannah Christian…

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So, to summise… (I think that’s the right word)
Let’s go back to our flow chart…

North Cobb - 4-AAAAAA- still has some work to do now that Region 4 has three team with one loss…
Alpharetta - 6-AAAAAA- Clinched (congratulations)
Northside (W.R.) - 1-AAAAA- still has some work to do…
Ware County - 3-AAAAA- Clinched (congrats)
Westover - 1-AAAA – Clinched (congrats)
Mary Persons - 2-AAAA- The #2 seed
Veterans - 2-AAAA- Clinched (congrats)
Carrollton - 5-AAAA- The #2 seed
Sandy Creek 5-AAAA- Clinched (congrats)
Chestatee - 8-AAAA- The #2 seed
Monroe Area - 8-AAAA- Clinched (congrats)
Carver (Columbus) - 2-AAA- Clinched (congrats)
Peach County - 2-AAA- The #2 seed
Callaway - 4-AAA- Clinched (congrats)
Elbert County - 8-AAA- Clinched (congrats)
Benedictine - 2-AA- Clinched (congrats)
Dublin - 3-AA- The #2 seed
Laney - 3-AA- Clinched (congrats)
Lamar County - 4-AA – Clinched (congrats)
Calhoun - 7-AA- Clinched (congrats)
Model - 7-AA- The #2 seed
Washington-Wilkes - 8-AA- Clinched (congrats)
Clinch County - 2-A- Clinched (congrats)
Marion County - 4-A- Still have some work after the 14-10 loss to Hawkinsville
Prince Avenue Christian - 8-A – Clinched (congrats)

And more will be decided this weekend…

Our last stop in the regular season version of “Football Fridays in Georgia” is a return to City Park for one of those games that will decide it all as Gainesville hosts Flowery Branch. The “All-Access Pass” pre-game show is at 7 with Mark, Claire, Trey, Kelin, Grace, and moi. Kick-off is a little after 7:30…

Oh, I know what you’re asking…

The weekly “Football Fridays In Georgia” podcast is upcoming…
When it’s good and done, I’ll let you know who our guests are for the week and it’ll be a good one…
I promise…

Veterans head coach David Bruce and Elbert County Head Coach Sid Fritts are the guests this week- and it's a really cool conversation with both...

Go into our podcasts section at and dial it up (since software issues are preventing any kind of linkage at present)

Play it safe, everyone… I’ll talk to you soon…