After the lights dim and the arcade machines go quiet, a remarkable world awakens inside the screens. Meet the Gashlings of GASHA GO! World - Zoom, Pow, Deejo, Bazzle, Tuft, and Geo. They embark on a crucial mission to build the toys that populate the arcade games, an intricate task requiring computer science and problem-solving skills that kids can now explore with the launch of GASHA GO! World.

Developed by GPB Education in partnership with a team of Georgia educators, award-winning FableVision Studios, and the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE), GASHA GO! World is a groundbreaking app- and web-based collection designed for children ages 4-8. This innovative platform includes 13 engaging games, 7 animated videos, vocabulary cards, and additional support materials.

The collection is crafted to align with Georgia's computer science (CS) framework, emphasizing computational thinking, digital citizenship, innovative design, and creative communication. GASHA GO! World aims to provide early exposure to high-quality computer science resources for all children while making learning a colorful and enjoyable experience through its vibrant world and characters.

“We are so proud of our long-standing partnership with GPB and the GaDOE,” says Gary Goldberger, President of FableVision Studios, “This app is the culmination of years of work creating the GASHA GO! universe. The GPB education team has always brought amazing creativity to the table.”

One of the most remarkable aspects of GASHA GO! World's development was the inclusion of teachers and students at every stage. Caroline Mrizek, an elementary teacher with Fayette County Schools, emphasized the importance of student involvement, saying, "They felt empowered to be an important part of finding bugs and glitches and contributing ideas to make the games better for themselves and other kids who will enjoy the final versions of these games."

Georgia has taken a leadership role in computer science (CS) education, introducing foundational CS concepts to children as young as 4 years old and preparing high school students for careers in emerging fields. Bryan Cox, Lead Computer Science Specialist at GaDOE, commented, "The GASHA GO! World is packed full of useful ideas and essential tools for living in a digital society, but also compels me, and young people as well, to keep coming back for the sheer joy of it."

“GPB's commitment to enhancing digital literacy and fostering digital citizenship is evident in GASHA GO! World,” says GPB Director of Education Laura Evans, “The collection equips teachers and caregivers with games and videos that engage children in foundational CS concepts, setting the stage for them to become responsible digital citizens in today's society.”

GASHA GO! World is available free of charge at and as a downloadable app in the Apple app store and Google Play.

About GPB Education:

GPB Education is the educational division of Georgia Public Broadcasting, serving teachers and students across Georgia with high-quality digital content and services. GPB Education is committed to providing educators with the support and resources needed to enhance learning and inspire students. For more information, visit

About FableVision Studios:

FableVision Studios is an award-winning multimedia development company committed to creating positive media for children and families. FableVision believes that media and technology can catalyze a fundamental reimagining of education that empowers all learners to reach their full potential. For more information, visit


Gashlings need your creativity and problem-solving skills to keep the GASHA GO! World running smoothly!