summer sun

Summer is a time for kids to learn, play, and explore! But some days are just too hot to do these things outside. That's why we've put together a list of fun activities that will help keep your child keep cool on those brutally hot summer days. 

Making Homemade Ice Cream
In this video from Let's Learn, Gabriella Sunderland and her daughter show students how to make homemade ice cream with a plastic bag. They follow a recipe and use five different ingredients.

Telephone Cups
Mister C turns cups and string into a telephone in this video. Learn about vibrations and sound, then talk in your friend’s ear from across the room!

Playing with Shadows
Investigate what causes shadows and what makes them get bigger or smaller with this episode of Camp GPB

Collecting and Sorting
Follow the steps to make a sorting box just like the one in Elinor's Nature Adventure, an Elinor Wonders Why digital game. Then, encourage kids to make careful observations by collecting and sorting objects both inside and outside. In deciding which objects go together, kids practice another important skill - comparing and contrasting.

Mixed-Up Headlines Home Activity
Cut up newspapers to create your own dynamic headlines! Your child will learn the characteristics of informational texts from this Martha Speaks home activity. 

Bottle Cap Hockey
Explore sports science and see how many points can you score with your bottle caps in Ruff's take on table hockey in this activity from The Ruff Ruffman Show.

All About Water
Learn about the importance of water with the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District! In this episode of Camp GPB, kids will engage in a series of easy activities they can do at home to explore how the water cycle works, the flow of water, and how waste water is treated. 

Balancing Act
This Dinosaur Train activity will help children compare objects by weight, order objects by weight, and use words to describe weight, such as heavy and light. Turn them into human “balance scales” to compare the weights of different objects. 

Doodle-it-Yourself "DIY" Flipbook
Document- Doodle it Yourself Flipbook. This activity from Peg + Cat will help children practice visual storytelling, spatial sense, spatial visualizations and transformations, counting and cardinality. They can make up their own illustrated story for a flipbook, just like Cat did. They can draw a picture on each page, print out the pages, put them in the right order, and then flip through them really fast.

Sink or Float?
Why do some objects sink and other objects float? It all has to do with the object's density! In this episode of Camp GPB, we use the inquiry design process to test an object's density in water.

Homemade Comet
In this short clip from the PBS KIDS show Ready Jet Go!, astronomer Amy Mainzer makes a homemade comet using dry ice.

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