PBS KIDS winners

Georgia Public Broadcasting extends a huge congratulations to the winners of our 2023 PBS KIDS Writers Contest. On Saturday, June 24, we hosted the winners and their families for an awards ceremony at our headquarters in Atlanta. Kids enjoyed an interactive story time, recorded their stories in our radio studios, and celebrated each other's accomplishments. 

For each grade level, there is a first, second, and third place winner. There is an additional STEAM category for stories that incorporate science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. Click here to view all stories.

And the winners are...

kindergarten winners

L to R: Mishka Agarwal, Londyn Foster, Annorah Littrell (not pictured: Ian Kong)

1st Place: Ian Kong 
2nd Place: Londyn Foster 
3rd Place: Annorah Littrell
STEAM: Mishka Agarwal 

1st grade winners

L to R: Livi Dexter, Trinity Arnold (not pictured: Lily Morgan and Hetwik Tipingiri)

1st Place: Livi Dexter 
2nd Place: Lily Morgan 
3rd Place: Trinity Arnold 
STEAM: Hetwik Tipingiri 

L to R: Daon Ryu, Cora Wall, Avery Wu (not pictured: Adalyne Sevcik)

L to R: Daon Ryu, Cora Wall, Avery Wu (not pictured: Adalyne Sevcik)

1st Place: Cora Wall
2nd Place: Avery Wu
3rd Place: Adalyne Sevcik 
STEAM: Daon Ryu 

3rd grade winners

L to R: Shreeya Saodekar, Greyson Lee, Laila Ellis, Adri Suiza

1st Place: Greyson Lee
2nd Place: Shreeya Saodekar 
3rd Place: Adri Suiza 
STEAM: Laila Ellis 

GPB's PBS KIDS Writers Contest is an annual event that encourages Georgia students in grades K-3 to submit an original story with illustrations for the chance to win cool prizes. Each winner of the PBS KIDS Writers Contest has the opportunity to record a reading of their story in our GPB News recording studios; a video version of each story will be featured on GPB Education's website. 

Click here to learn more about the contest.