Valentine’s Day is more than a time to pass out candy and cards. It’s a day that inspires engineering, a walk into ancient history, and mathematical techniques. Use the following resources to help your students fall in love with all things Valentine's Day! 

The Sweet Science of Chocolate
Grades: 6-12

Valentine's Day has become synonymous with brightly wrapped chocolate hearts. In this video segment from KQED’s QUEST, chocolate makers explain the elaborate engineering and chemistry behind this tasty treat.

The History of Valentine’s Day
Grades: 6-12

Valentine’s Day is a mixture of a roman holiday, a saint’s backstory, and the marketing prowess of the card and candy industry.

All about the Holidays: Valentine's Day
Grades: 2-6

No one knows for sure who St. Valentine was, but we still honor him with a holiday. Listen to one legend about who he was, and discover more about this celebration of love.

The Ladybug Love-In: A Valentine's Special
Grades: 6-12

Ladybugs spend most of their lives alone, gorging themselves on aphids. But every winter they take to the wind, soaring over cities and fields to assemble for a ladybug bash. In these huge gatherings, they'll do more than hibernate—it's their best chance to find a mate. Discover how lady bugs fall in love with this PBS LearningMedia lesson. 

Romeo and Juliet | Shakespeare Uncovered
Grades: 8-10

Shakespeare Uncovered combines history, biography, iconic performances, new analysis, and the personal passions of its celebrated hosts to tell the stories behind the stories of Shakespeare’s greatest plays, including Romeo and Juliet

Happy Valentine's Day | Nature Cat
Grades: K-4

It's Valentine's Day, Hal's most favorite holiday of all! And to celebrate, every year Hal shows his love by handing out cards, flowers and candy to all of his Valentine’s, ending with a super special delivery of love to his mommy!

Why Do We Love Sugar?
Grades: 3-8

In this episode of Spot on Science, a dietician explains why we love sugar and how to spot added sugar in foods. 

Heart Patterns
Grades: 1-3

Use a heart pattern to practice math skills this Valentine's Day. Get your child to flex his math muscles this February with some heart pattern practice. Count and draw to continue each heart pattern in this worksheet. This heart pattern worksheet gets kids to practice numeric patterns in a Valentine's Day-themed worksheet.


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