GPB Education is pleased to announce the launch of our newest virtual learning journey, the National Prisoner of War Museum. Developed in partnership with the Friends of Andersonville, this virtual learning journey explores the nation's only museum solely dedicated to interpreting the American prisoner of war experience. 

The National Prisoner of War Museum is located in Andersonville, Georgia, and is one of three sites within the Andersonville National Historic Site. The museum is dedicated to all POWs in America's past who have served their country with dignity and distinction, so that future generations will be inspired by their service and sacrifice. 

The virtual learning journey is broken down into five main themes of the POW experience: moment of capture; journey to camp and living conditions; news and communication; privation; moral and relationships. It is aligned to 8th grade and high school history standards. 

Features for this virtual learning journey include: 

  • a virtual walking tour of the entire museum with hotspots that give further context to items on display
  • 360/virtual reality videos with an informative narrator and discussion questions 
  • video footage of interviews with a park guide who explains different elements of life as a prisoner of war
  • photo galleries with informative captions that feature primary and secondary sources 
  • a user guide with discussion questions and extension activities

Click here to explore the National Prisoner of War Museum Virtual Learning Journey!

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