Getting Ready

With a new school year quickly approaching, GPB Education has teamed up with the Georgia Department of Education to launch our latest addition to the Let's Learn GA! video series, "Getting Ready." 

The “Getting Ready” video lessons feature K-5 Georgia teachers breaking down the skills on our Getting Ready Guides while suggesting practical tips for out-of-school learning. These teachers provide insights from “what they see” as students come back to school in August, and offer tips on how to retain information and skills learned during the previous school year. 

Whether it's going to the grocery store, dividing up a chocolate bar, or looking at a map, there are lots of learning opportunities in which children can engage. 

Topics addressed in the videos include math, English/language arts, social studies, science, and physical health and wellness. 

"Our 'Getting Ready' videos are designed to support families and summer educators prepare for the upcoming school year," said Laura Evans, GPB's Director of Education. "These teachers offer practical ways to reinforce old skills and introduce new ones during the summer months." 

"Getting Ready" is a component of our Let's Learn GA! video series, which offers K-5 standards-aligned lessons. Check back often as more "Getting Ready" and Let's Learn GA! episodes are added regularly.