The U.S. Presidency  (Grades 4-12)

Social Studies; Government


Explore the rich history and the institution of the U.S. Presidency—from George Washington to Barack Obama. Understand the duties and powers of the President of the United States and the First Lady, gather important background information with presidential biographies, and engage with videos and primary sources that place you back in time at some of the most pivotal turning points in American history.

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With over 300 resources available, this collection is overflowing with content! There are nine subcategories to help users navigate, including a focus on First Ladies, breakdowns of presidential biographies, speeches, campaigns, inaugurations, and the powers of the office. Resources are drawn from a variety of respected sources including documentaries from American Experience, documents from the National Archives, and lessons from PBS NewsHour. 

Along with teacher guides, supplemental materials include speech transcriptions, background essays, discussion questions, and student handouts and presidential fact sheets. Most of the content is intended for upper middle school or a high school audience. However, one of the most popular resources, 60 Second Presidents, is incredibly useful even for elementary school students.