A World of Stories (Grades K-12)

English Language Arts


Storytelling has been used as entertainment, cultural preservation, and a way to teach values. Around the world, stories have typically been told orally and passed down from generation to generation. The videos in A World of Stories are recorded versions of classic stories from across the globe as well as explanations of the types of stories that different cultures tell. For instance, the first videos detail nursery rhymes, urban legends, and stories of warning and information.  

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There are over 30 videos in this collection, with many being available in Spanish and open for download. Some even include downloadable transcripts. The supplemental materials include background reading on each folktale topic in addition to discussion questions to get conversations started or check for student understanding. There are also teaching tips with links for more information and further viewing ideas. Finally, some videos include student handouts with guided transcripts to support student understanding. 

These videos can be used with all age groups, but some stories may not be appropriate for younger students. Each video will denote the age-appropriate group. But it may also be useful for older students to view the stories that are targeted towards the youngest learners when considering the purpose of storytelling in different cultures and how societies pass information, record history, and entertain themselves.

A world of Stories video collection