Creek Nation

Whether students are learning virtually or in the classroom, GPB Education's virtual field trips are an excellent resource to help them understand certain topics and concepts. This week's Virtual Field Trip Spotlight highlights the Creek Nation. 

The Creek Nation virtual field trip examines lives of the Creek Indians prior to the arrival of the first settlers in Georgia, the fight to remain on their land, and their removal from Georgia in the 1830s.

Features in this virtual field trip include: 
• video footage of interviews with experts who explain the lives of the Creek Indians and the historic events surrounding their removal from the southeastern United States
• biographical information about important Creek Indians like Tomochichi, Mary Musgrove, Alexander McGillivray, and William McIntosh
• interactive maps that illustrate Creek holdings prior to removal and the routes taken to Indian Territory
• primary documents, including historic treaties and a letter written by the wives of William McIntosh after his execution 

Click here to launch the Creek Nation Virtual Field Trip

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