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Whether students are learning virtually or in the classroom, GPB Education's virtual field trips are an excellent resource to help them understand certain topics and concepts. This week's Virtual Field Trip Spotlight highlights Georgia's Indian Mounds

The Indian Mounds virtual field trip provides students with an in-depth look at the cultural and technological advancements of the four prehistoric Native American groups found in Georgia. This virtual field trip specifically focuses on the Woodland and Mississippian Indians; however, students can still understand the evolution of all four prehistoric cultures through the information provided. 

We recommend that students explore this virtual field trip after they have read through Unit 2, Chapter 4 of the Georgia Studies Book: Our State and Our Nation. Teachers could use this activity as a whole-group experience, provide class time for students to explore the field trip at their own pace, or assign it as homework in a flipped classroom setting.
The Indian Mounds virtual field trip includes the following features:

  • video footage of interviews with rangers at Georgia’s three prehistoric Indian mound sites: Etowah, Ocmulgee, and Kolomoki
  • photos of each site with captions
  • 360° experiences at the top of each significant mound

All videos in this virtual field trip are also available in this PBS LearningMedia collection

Click here to launch the Indian Mounds Virtual Field Trip!

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