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Whether students are learning virtually or in the classroom, GPB Education's virtual field trips are an excellent resource to help them understand certain topics and concepts. This week's Virtual Field Trip Spotlight features the Regions of Georgia. 

The Regions of Georgia virtual field trip takes students on a journey throughout the state of Georgia, guiding them through the five physiographic regions (Valley and Ridge, Appalachian Plateau, Blue Ridge Mountains, Piedmont, and Coastal Plains) and explaining the relative location of each, as well as their characteristics, economic importance, and much more. Information is presented through video footage, picture galleries, interactive maps, fun facts, and a puzzle that allows students to test their knowledge of the location of the five regions. A teacher guide is also available here

At GPB Education, we recommend that students explore this virtual field trip after they have completed Unit 1 of the Georgia Studies Book: Our State and Our Nation or after a thorough discussion about the five regions of Georgia. Teachers could use this activity as a group experience, provide class time for students to explore the field trip at their own pace, or assign it as homework in a flipped classroom setting.

Learning objectives for this virtual field trip include: 

  • Exploring Georgia’s geography and climate through video footage, photo galleries, and interactive maps.
  • Distinguishing among the five geographic regions of Georgia in terms of location, climate, agriculture, and economic contribution.
  • Locating and comparing major topographical features of Georgia and describe how these features define Georgia’s surface.
  • Engaging in critical thinking with discussion questions that probe enduring understandings in social studies.

All videos in this virtual field trip are also available in this PBS LearningMedia collection

Click here to launch the Regions of Georgia Virtual Field Trip!

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