Georgia is one of the first states to adopt K-8 Computer Science standards to ensure that all children have an opportunity to learn about computing, how to work with computers, and how computers shape the world. 

Developing computer science concepts and knowledge is essential for the viability of our students’ and society’s future. While 58% of STEM jobs are in computing, only 10% of STEM graduates have computing experience. In Georgia, there are over 19,000 computing jobs open and only 2,280 qualified applicants, according to 

Only 49% of high schools currently offer any computer science course, and few of the students who complete these courses are women and minorities. In an effort to broaden participation and better prepare students to be knowledgeable and capable in an increasingly digital world, Georgia encourages computer science education to take on the same importance as English and Mathematics. 

The Georgia Department of Education is launching K-8 Computer Science Georgia Standards of Excellence to give teachers a framework for how computer science can be taught and what students can learn. Many of the teaching activities included in the framework can be used with or without a computer. 

Explore the new standards here, and check out these free, open computer science resources: