Class is back in session and so is Georgia’s legislature! To help students--and adults--better understand state government, GPB is launching a new digital mini series, “Peach State Politics.” 

GPB reporter Stephen Fowler is covering the legislative session and lawmaking process for the first time, and he needs your help learning the ins and outs of state government. Each week during the session, Stephen will be answering questions you may have about what goes on at the Georgia Capitol, like “Who’s in charge of taxpayer money?” or “What’s all the fuss surrounding Georgia’s voting machines?” 

“We often get requests from teachers for more resources to help students understand policy and government,” says GPB’s Director of Education, Laura Evans. “This collaboration with our radio division seemed like a great fit based on teacher interest and feedback.”

Students and adults alike can submit questions using this form. Stephen will answer one question a week during the legislative session, with new videos posted every Tuesday on, Twitter, and YouTube

Learn more about Peach State Politics with this introductory video: