The Plum Landing Explore Outdoors Toolkit is a collection of resources designed to get kids ages six to nine and their family and friends, outdoors and physically active while exploring nature in their cities and towns. Spending time outdoors together can boost kids’ and families’ physical fitness, relieve stress, and strengthen their connection to nature.

Now, Plum Landing, the award-winning PBS KIDS environmental-science media project, has a new collection of resources—including hands-on activities, animated videos, an app, and videos for parents and caregivers, and educators—designed to help kids and families in cities and towns maximize the benefits of outdoor science exploration.

All materials are anchored by the Plum Landing characters: Plum, a lovable alien from the planet Blorb, and her five earthling friends. Plum and her crew help the kids and families explore local ecosystems to learn about animals, plants, weather, and water in settings populated by people and the built environment. Researched and developed by WGBH and EDC’s Center for Children and Technology, in partnership with outdoor health and education programs across the country, the Toolkit resources promote science teaching and learning through fun and physically active outdoor experiences for kids ages six to nine and their families. 

The Plum Landing Explore Outdoors Toolkit provides three unique sets of resources for programs that serve kids and families. All materials get kids and families physically active and having fun while exploring environmental science right in their communities. The resources are designed for:

  • Afterschool programs: Resources for these programs include sequences of activities suitable for individual afterschool sessions, afterschool clubs, or camps. The activities consist of hands-on environmental-science activities paired with animated Plum Landing videos.
  • Educator-led family programs: Resources for these programs include activities suitable for individual weekend sessions that can accommodate families’ availability. The activities consist of hands-on environmental-science activities paired with animated Plum Landing videos.
  • Self-guided family programs: Resources for these programs include activities that families can use to explore nature on their own.

The Toolkit also includes:

  • Outdoor Family Fun with Plum, a new app that helps families build the habit of active outdoor nature exploration. 
  • Outdoor Adventures, an online feature in which families complete outdoor missions to receive digital badges. 
  • Parent videos, hosted by Rue Mapp of Outdoor Afro and José González of Latino Outdoors, that offer parents and caregivers tips and inspiration for getting the most out of their time outside with their kids. 
  • Educator videos that provide guidance in leading outdoor activities in urban settings.

About Plum Landing

Marvelous missions, fantastic adventures—both online and outdoors—Plum Landing is a unique experience in the digital world, helping kids engage in and develop a love for science, nature, and active outdoor exploration! Launched on Earth Day 2014, when a friendly alien named Plum landed at, Plum Landing, an environmental-science digital project, uses animated webisodes, online games and apps, hands-on science activities, and live-action videos to help connect kids ages six to nine and their families to nature, teach them about ecosystems, and get them pumped up about their role as caretakers of the planet. Plum, an adorable purple alien from desolate Planet Blorb, longs to experience nature. So she commandeers a spaceship, zooms down to Earth, and befriends five eager kids—Clem, Oliver, Gabi, Brad, and Cooper. Plum launches them on missions to learn more about planet Earth, along the way discovering many fascinating, puzzling, and profound things about the wonderful planet we call home.

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