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The TIE Club: Together Impacting Education

Recently the T.I.E. Club sponsored a Chicken-Q sale to raise money for victims of the tornados that hit Worth County. Over $3,000 was raised and presented to individuals who were affected by the storm.
Heads high in the air, pants pulled up, shirts tucked in and walking proudly down the hallways of Worth County Middle School- it’s the young men of the T.I.E. Club, Together Impacting Education.
The T.I.E. Club is a collaborative effort between male students, mentors, and school staff with the purpose of working together to impact education at Worth County Middle School. Once a month, the students meet with the 7th grade assistant principal, Mr. Jacques Walker (club sponsor), a guest speaker, and myself (club sponsor). 
During the meeting time, the students engage in character and leadership-building skills, academic strategies and the techniques of tying a tie, bow tie and an ascot. After the students learn how to tie a regular tie, they will then learn how to tie a bow tie and afterwards, how to tie and wear an ascot.

There are five important expectations for these young males in becoming a member of the T.I.E. Club. The goal is to teach and influence these young students to achieve the characteristics of the Five Wells of Leadership from the article “What Makes a Strong Leader?” written by Dan Cathy. 

“The Five Wells of Leadership” states that all young men should be:
  1. Well-read
  2. Well-dressed
  3. Well-spoken
  4. Well-traveled
  5. Well-balanced

These Five Wells will be achieved through three A’s: Attitude, Academics and Aspiration. Using these three “A’s” as a framework, the long-term goals established for each member are to expand and increase their reading skills, to become an honor roll student, to participate in a school/community related projects, to develop public speaking skills, and to cultivate character traits to help them better themselves with leadership skills and ways to be successful. 

Ira Thomas is a guest blogger for GPB Education and a Special Education teacher at Worth County Middle School (2-5 campus) in the Worth County School District, in Sylvester, Georgia. Ira has been an educator for 15 years transforming lives at the... more