The holidays may be over but we still have gifts to give to all our Georgia educators. Introducing the Regions of Georgia virtual field trip, now available on our website and the GPB Education app. This experience allows students to take a journey throughout the five physiographic regions of Georgia and learn about the relative location of each, as well as their characteristics, economic importance, and much more.


Regions of Georgia addresses standards SS8G1 for eighth grade social studies and SS2G1 for second grade social studies. We recommend that students explore this virtual field trip after they have completed Unit 1 of the Georgia Studies Book: Our State and Our Nation or after a thorough discussion about the five regions of Georgia.

Features for this field trip include:

  • video footage of interviews with experts who explain the highlights of each region


  • picture galleries for each area with informative captions, including historic photos about economic activities, and historic events


  • interactive maps that illustrate the location of the state’s largest cities and mineral deposits, along with questions to enhance discussion


  • fun facts and a puzzle that allows students to test their knowledge on the location of the five regions.


  • a User Guide with discussion questions and an extension activity

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About GPB’s Virtual Field Trip Series

GPB works with knowledgeable and engaging historians and tour guides throughout the state to create virtual field trips of consistently high quality. Each field trip brings the location to life with interviews, 360-degree panoramic photography, interactive elements, discussion prompts, and videos. Teachers will be able help students explore these historic locations by accessing the virtual field trips through the web and tablets. The field trips also align with the Georgia Standards of Excellence as well as the content from GPB’s Georgia Studies digital textbook.