If you haven’t had the opportunity to sign up for your free PBS LearningMedia account, NOW is definitely the time! PBS LearningMedia provides educators with access to free digital content and professional development opportunities designed to improve teacher effectiveness and student achievement. Thousands of teachers across the state use this wonderful resource to enhance learning, and we encourage you to visit the site and sign up for your account so that you can explore all its wonderful content.   

One of the newest features PBS LearningMedia has launched is PBSstudents.org. This learning portal offers students a dedicated place to access trusted content, homework support, and custom coursework. It also grants direct-access to curriculum-aligned resources while allowing students the freedom to investigate subject areas at their own pace and delve into topics that ignite their curiosity. They can work on assigned tasks and projects by entering assignment codes and view interesting lessons in subject areas that include health, arts, science, and grammar. The site has collections about the presidents and wildlife as well.



In addition, PBS LearningMedia’s suite of digital productivity tools for teachers makes it easier for students to connect with curriculum concepts. The Lesson Builder, Quiz Maker, and Storyboard tools provide dynamic opportunities to personalize learning experiences while targeting a range of learning styles. Read brief overviews of them below.

Lesson Builder: Create and assign interactive lessons that can be used in class or as homework assignments.

Quiz Maker: Enhance lessons with personalized quizzes about PBS LearningMedia resources to test students’ understanding of key concepts.

Storyboard: Illustrate complex concepts by designing interactive web pages using resources, graphics and images from PBS LearningMedia. Students can also create Storyboards to demonstrate their understanding of lessons.

Puzzle Builder: Bolster vocabulary knowledge with a word search or crossword puzzle activity.

If you are a Georgia educator and would like to sign up for your free account, head on over to PBS LearningMedia.org. Do not hesitate to contact us at education@gpb.org if you are having trouble registering or would like more information. Let us know how you are utilizing the new student portal in your classrooms by leaving a comment below!