Instructional strategies and resources for teaching Georgia Studies are now just a click away. GPB Education is excited to announce the launch of the web version of the Georgia Studies digital textbook teacher edition! Since the launch of our student edition in 2012, we have received over 2,600 online registrations. The new edition, designed specifically with teachers in mind, provides additional depth to this state-of-the-art, interactive approach to experiencing Georgia history. Using cutting-edge technology, our digital media team created a unique layout where the teacher content is presented alongside the student content.

Once you have downloaded the teacher edition, you will see the information presented in two different ways. The landscape view presents the student version while the portrait view unlocks an additional level of access to a wealth of teacher’s materials for each chapter.


The “Chapter Forward” section of each chapter contains unit and chapter tasks, printable PDFs, Georgia Performance Standard correlations, activity ideas, constructed response questions, and technology links. Each individual page of text contains additional information about key topics and concepts, as well as lesson plan ideas, teaching strategies, and discussion prompts.

The first step in getting started with the teacher or student editions of the Georgia Studies digital textbook is to register. Once your credentials as a Georgia educator are verified, our team will send you a login and password for the teacher edition. We will also send you a generic student login and password. You will not want to share your teacher edition login and password with the students since it will allow them to see your content and answer keys. Once you have your login information, you will download the free GPB app for iPad, enter your login information, and start downloading the units of content.

The student edition of the digital textbook is available for iPad and on our website at

The teacher edition is available for iPad and on our website at

Your login and password for the digital textbook will also give you access to our virtual field trips which are aligned to the textbook content.

Our Education Outreach Specialists visit schools across Georgia to provide support and professional development on the student edition of the digital textbook, and they will continue to provide that support for the teacher edition. For more information on how to access the teacher or student editions, or to request a school-based training on the Georgia Studies digital library, email