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Create Your Own Nature Cat Eco-Adventure

Calling all Georgia students in grades Pre-K through 8th! Nature Cat is heading on an Eco-Adventure… but where to? And to do what? This isn’t just any adventure, but one of your own making! In celebration of Earth Day on April 22, GPB Education, Zoo Atlanta, and OnAir Schools are challenging you to show us your creativity with the Nature Cat Eco-Adventure Video Competition. Submissions can be entered April 1 through May 15, 2016. Winners will be announced May 20!

The Pre-K - 5th Grade Challenge:
Make a video puppet show taking us through Nature Cat’s Eco-Adventure! Visit to download cut-out puppets. You can also add your own characters. You can only use puppets and props: no people allowed!

The 6th Grade - 8th Grade Challenge:
Your task is to make a music video! Write and perform an original Eco-Adventure song using the Nature Cat characters. Visit to download them. You can add your own characters, too!

Who is Nature Cat?
Nature Cat is a DARING, BRAVE, ADVENTUROUS BACKYARD NATURE EXPLORER EXTRAORDINAIRE! (Well, maybe not so brave...!) Nature Cat can’t wait to get outside for a day of backyard nature excursions and bravery! But there’s one problem; he’s still a house cat with no real instincts for nature. That doesn’t stop this passionate and curious feline, who loves learning and experiencing all he can about nature. Visit to learn more.

What’s an “Eco- Adventure”?
An environmentally-friendly adventure! Maybe you research endangered species in the Amazon so you can help save them, or study marine life behavior with a scientist, or harvest honey on a sustainable bee farm. Anything that helps our environment!

What are the prizes?
Zoo Atlanta day passes + a special goodie bag from GPB Education. The winning videos will also be showcased on,, and, as well as promoted on social media!

How do I enter?
1. Visit to download cut-outs of the characters.
2. Make a video showing Nature Cat’s Eco-Adventure. If you’re in grades Pre-K through 5, make a puppet show. If you’re in grades 6 through 8, make a music video.
3. Upload your video to YouTube.
4. Go to to submit your video for judging.

All Georgia students enrolled in Pre-K through 8th grade for the 2015-2016 school year can participate. Students from private, parochial, and home schools—as well as student support organizations—are also eligible.

Get to know Nature Cat and let your eco-adventure begin!