The end of the semester is almost near, and we are close to a well-deserved holiday break. In the midst of eating, shopping, and relaxing, let’s not forget to take the time to reflect on why we chose to become educators. Here are five reasons we can be thankful for choosing to work in such a noble profession.

1. Students

Nothing makes us more thankful than seeing our students grow and excel. Students challenge us to learn more, become better teachers, and to perfect our instructional methods. We rejoice with them when the light bulb finally comes on for those that are struggling with a concept and empathize with them when they are feeling a little blue. They also keep us in the loop with the latest trends, styles, phrases, and tech gadgets. In spite of all the challenges we may face with teaching, the benefits of interacting with awesome young people and the ability to make an impact in their lives far exceeds any hardships we face.  

2. Co-workers

There is no greater support system in education than our fellow co-workers. Over the years we evolve into a close knit family, not only in the classroom but outside the school walls as well. They are the ones who can truly relate to funny classroom stories, frustrations, and small but meaningful triumphs. The camaraderie we share with these individuals is rare and something to be cherished. Let’s be extremely thankful for the ability to bond over lesson plans and faculty meetings.

3. Internet and Social Media

With the creation of the Internet and social networking services such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, we have access to an abundance of resources. Not only are we able to connect with other educators for information through blogs and the use of simple hashtags, students can network with one another from across the state and even the world. In addition, learning platforms, like Google Classroom, are making it easier for teachers to issue, receive, and grade assignments. From free EdTech tools to taking professional development courses online, social media and the Internet have made our lives easier.

4. Lifelong Learning

Thankfully, our dedication to lifelong learning makes us extremely intelligent, worthy opponents in Trivia Pursuit and Jeopardy. Even if we have acquired the highest degree we could possibly obtain, we are always learning new material that is related to our content area or profession as a whole. We roll up our sleeves and dive in head first to tackle the latest trend or newest resource. Our learning doesn’t stop there. Nothing beats having an inquisitive student ask a question that even makes us scratch our heads. This question sends us and our students into an inspirational frenzy of research to find the answer. Once we’ve found it, it is forever stored in our memory banks, and we may pose it to new students the next year.

5. Supportive Family and Friends

The job of an educator is by no means easy. Although we are not always physically present in the classroom, we are somewhere grading papers and writing lesson plans. Often times we are sitting at our children’s baseball games with a laptop vigorously trying to figure out how to fit a year’s worth of information into a single semester. With all of these tasks, juggling our personal lives can be difficult. We are thankful and grateful for the patience and support of our loved ones and their willingness to share us with others. Knowing that we have them in our corner makes us feel great and helps us excel in doing our jobs.

Teachers, let us know what you are thankful for by leaving a comment below. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!