As the journey to find our country’s next president continues, Bill Nigut updates students on how the campaign is unfolding in an On the Campaign Trail mini-episode. Students will find out where candidates from both political parties stand in national polls and how Iowa’s February 1st caucus and New Hampshire’s mid-February primary may impact those presidential nominees. Additionally, Bill describes how the upcoming November debates may sway voters in both of these states.

In the debut episode of On the Campaign Trail, students learned about what presidential debates are and how they serve to help voters learn more about the candidates. Episode two of On the Campaign Trail, “My Government, My Vote, My Voice,” detailed what democracy is and how to differentiate between representative and parliamentary democracies. Most recently, Bill explained the qualifications to become president in On the Campaign Trail’s third episode, “Do You Qualify?” Students learned what the written and unwritten qualifications are for presidential candidates and how these qualifications may, or may not, be factors in determining our country’s next president.

We hope you join us for our next full episode of On the Campaign Trail when Bill tells students about the seven roles the president has and describes the presidential responsibilities of each role.