Each summer as teachers leave their classrooms for that much needed summer break many head for the solitude of a long vacation, a vacation combined with learning, plan a “staycation” or look for some interesting Professional Development opportunities that look interesting as well as informative.

The summer of 2014 is no different and for teachers looking for some interesting PD I would like to share some of the choices that I have seen recently that offer a variety of learning.

An interesting site that I came across is Elearnhub.org. Check out its listings of conferences from all over the world for those who might like to travel and learn over the summer. This is a very extensive list but if you are looking for an educational conference in Dubai then this is where you will find it listed.

Another interesting place I just learned about last week via a twitter post is CUE –Educate. Innovate. Explore. Here you can explore and find all kinds of information about digital teaching and learning opportunities.

Students Who Are Wired Differently National Conference Las Vegas, June 12-14-2014: The National Conference on Students Who are Wired Differently is coming to Las Vegas! This conference will focus on providing critical insights and current best-practices for effectively reaching and teaching these high-potential, and sometimes challenging students.

This conference is for regular classroom and special education teachers, counselors, administrators and other professional educators in grades PreK-12. Particular focus will be given to working with students in inclusive classroom settings. Tools, strategies and recommendations will be featured for working individually, in small groups and in the classroom with students experiencing a wide array of diagnostic conditions.

Atlanta, Georgia is going to be very hot at the end of June 2014 and I am not talking weather here. First on the list June 27-30, 2014 is the State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) Emerging Technologies Forum and Annual Convocation .

Right after SETDA running June 28-July 1, 2014 is THE event for connected digital educators, The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE): Connected Learning, Connected World at the Georgia World Congress Center.

At this time there are over 600 presenters and hundreds of exhibitors registered. ISTE 2014 has 4 days of incredible presentations and it is not too late to register to attend.

I will be presenting a poster session on June 29 about “Gaming in the Special Needs BYOT Classroom.”If you only attend one conference or digital teaching event this year then attend ISTE 2014 in Atlanta. Be sure to stop by.

Next up is the EdTechTeacher Learning Futures Summit - July 28-30, 2014 in Chicago.

The EdTechTeacher Learning Futures Summit will bring together educators from around the world for three days of workshops and conference sessions dedicated to exploring the future of learning. We’ll host learning sessions, in five different strands, that can open doors to these new futures: Redefined learning with iPads, Androids, & Tablets; Student Creativity with Laptops, Chromebooks, and BYOD; Collaboration via Google and the Cloud; Maker spaces and other Agile Learning Spaces; Flipping as a Bridge to Mastery-Based and Project-Based Learning.

 Behind all of these specific approaches resides a larger vision: that while new technologies can support powerful learning experience, it is only within the context of ambitious efforts to re-imagine schools as places where students own their learning rather than merely sitting passively on the receiving end of it.

So, reach out of your comfort zone this summer, find an interesting PD opportunity, attend and grow as a digitally involved teacher in your 21st Century classroom.