150 years ago this month, General William Tecumseh Sherman embarked on a 37 week trek across Georgia that changed the course of the civil war. We’re marking that history-making journey with the launch of the new original series 37 Weeks: Sherman on the March. It premieres tonight during the 7 p.m. telecast of GPB’s nightly news magazine show On the Story.

It also airs on radio and the videos can be found online.

Each of the 90 second "37 Weeks" segments will air during the week paralleling the same week in Sherman’s campaign.


The segments share a story that brings an understanding to the human dimension of war.

For example, on tonight’s introductory segment on “On the Story”, we’ll get to see some of the artifacts used during the campaign. How were they used exactly? How did they contribute to the success of the campaign? Those questions will be answered.

In our fast paced society, one hour ago seems like ancient history. Considering what happened 150 years ago can be unfathomable then.

But “37 Weeks” transplants us back to that event in history by asking and answering pointed questions: what did it feel like when Sherman’s army - 100 thousand strong - bore down on the city of Atlanta? What was it life for the foot soldier on either side of the conflict? What were some of the twists of fate or ironic moments that war inevitably produces?

“37 Weeks” was produced by award-winning filmmaker Bruce Burkhardt in collaboration with the Atlanta History Center’s Civil War historian Gordon Jones.

You can catch an interview with Burkhardt this evening during the GPB radio newscast with Ellen Reinhardt.

For more information on the primary resources featured in the series - photos, maps, documents, diaries, news clippings - visit the Atlanta History Center.

Here are other resources to support the story: