The Atlanta History Center has created a couple of clever videos that can be used as writing prompts or start of class quizzes to get students interested in Georgia history. They call them Don’t Know Much About History. In it Atlanta History Center CEO Sheffield Hale tools around town asking people to identify pictures of historical figures. (This is similar to the Tonight Show segment where producers or celebrities comb the streets of L.A., asking people questions from the U.S. Citizen’s test to see if anyone will get the answers.)

The answers to Sheffield Hale's questions are a hoot! Maybe it means people didn’t pay attention enough during their social studies classes. But showing the videos at the beginning of class are a fun way to test what students know too. Then challenge them even further by having them create their own for YouTube. Have your students ask people in their neighborhoods about historical figures of their choosing and see how their neighbors score.

To come up with their own segments, students use resources from Georgia Stories and Today in Georgia History.

If you’d like, copy and paste the video links of their productions in the comment section. We’d love to see them.