Education Secretary Arne Duncan speaks at a 2009 NEA conference. Photo courtesy

Educator representatives from around the nation have been gathering within Georgia's World Congress Center since last week for the National Education Association's 151st Annual Meeting and 92nd Representative Assembly. It's the first time the assembly has been held here. There are many issues up for discussion: the Common Core, teacher evaluation, diversity in the classroom.

Today the "Raise Your Hand for Education" event at the conference aims to kick off a campaign to share good ideas on what makes good public education. Educators will share success stories in a series of TED style talks. It takes place from 9 a.m. - 1p.m.

I'm sure the expectation is not for educators to solve all of the problems that ail education in one day. But having discussions and networking about what works - policy wise and real world experience that can be duplicated is a step in the right direction.

I've posted the agenda below. You may also wish to check out the TED Talks Education show that we aired in late spring hosted by John Legend that also tackled ways to improve our schools as recommended by educators. Here is the link. And be sure to share your success stories on how you have made a difference at your schools.

NEA’s Raise Your Hand


Moderator: Pat Dolan, TURN (Teacher Union Reform Network)

Pre-opening Music Presentation – DJ Spinderella

Opening Remarks – NEA President Dennis Van Roekel

Collaboration to Lead the Profession

Dr. Jerry D. Weast, Former Superintendent of Schools, Montgomery County, MD

ISTA ESP’s Leading the Profession with School Safety – Donna Nielsen, Title

Audience Participation

Assessment, Common Core and the Future of Education

Linda Darling-Hammond, Professor of Education at the Stanford University School of Education
Empowering Educators to Lead - Jonathan Knapp, President Seattle Education Association

Audience Participation

Leading by Reaching Out to the Community

Dr. Valerie Kinloch, Professor of Literacy Studies, Ohio State University
Bringing Learning to Life - Rhonda Johnson, President Columbus Education Association and
Tori Washington, Service-Learning Teacher, Beechcroft High School, Columbus, OH and Beechcroft H.S. students