NOVA has a fascinating series that explores the real lives of real scientists, The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers. In a set of three to five interviews with each scientist, you get a feel for what they do at work and why they do it. Then, you’ll find out that that fashion technologist (yes, that’s a thing) is also an avid snowboarder.

I can see a lot of excellent applications for students in this site. There is potential for writing projects in science class (hello, common core cross platform integration!)

Anyone looking for more career content for their classes? This site is great for that! Scrolling through the list, students have the opportunity to encounter a wide range of scientists and engineers from young to old, including men and women and a variety of races. The personal interests and hobbies of these professionals vary from photography to jazz saxophone, long distance running, cooking and so much more. There’s sure to be someone with whom each of your students can identify.

One scientist with a Georgia connection is Michelle Thaller, an astronomer and Renaissance dancer who received her graduate degrees from Georgia State University. Dr. Thaller attended Space Camp in Alabama as a child and continued that passion and dream from childhood into a career with NASA as an adult.

See the interview with Michelle Thaller below:

When I watched the videos and scrolled through the blog posts, it struck me how incredibly diverse the career possibilities are for students. So many of these are entirely new to me. How great to introduce these options to students now and in a platform that they enjoy.

If you’re looking for more career and STEM content with a Georgia focus, check out GPB’s Fast Forward series.