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Say the words "Science", "Technology", "Engineering", and "Math" (STEM) to some people and the response is either blank stares of incomprehension or looks of abject fear. Now say those same words to today's girls and the responses range from complete disinterest to unfettered enthusiasm.

Many girls assume you have to be a rocket scientist or a computer expert—or a man to succeed in STEM. But you know what? Much like life, STEM is what you make it. STEM careers can be cool, exciting, fun, and a perfect fit for girls. Open your mind to the world of possibilities through STEM. Do you love to travel? Do you have a passion for nutrition? Are you into sports? There's a STEM career for that!

You can utilize your STEM education to design transit systems or create a travel reservation mobile application. STEM skill-sets can be used to develop new ways to produce healthy foods. Or how about using STEM to design sports equipment that will improve a player's performance? Check out this Pinterest post highlighting non-traditional STEM careers.

This is the era of entrepreneurship and start-ups. The possibilities are endless with an innovative mind and a STEM degree. More importantly, there are new career pathways for our young girls. The number of technology start-ups founded by or run by women is growing every day.

Case in point is Techturized, a local hair care technology startt-up created by four Black female Georgia Tech engineers.

Other examples of start-ups led by women include:

  • CloudFlare
  • Pretty in My Pocket
  • Zip Car

Black Girls code is spreading the word about STEM careers and the endless possibilities those careers offer for girls. Created by programmer Kimberly Bryant, our non-profit group travels the country hosting free workshops on programming, web design, robotics and other STEM subjects.

Won't you join us Saturday, February 16 at the Georgia Tech Research Institute for our robotics expo? Sign up for it here. Girls will get hands on activities on robots and simulators.

Are you interested in sharing your expertise in the STEM fields with the young generation? Why not volunteer with us? Fill out this form to get started.