The beauty of the website Math Chimp is that it’s a one stop repository of math videos, games and worksheets, all aligned to the Common Core standards. Many sites boast a common core connection. But they make identifying that alignment a chore. Not Math Chimp.

Each of the aforementioned resources,categorized by grade level, summarize the standards front and center once you click on the grade level desired. On the right hand side of the screen, the standards are parceled into domains that can be drilled down further to find lessons.


For example, 3rd grade Math Resources drill down to Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Numbers & Operations in Base 10, Numbers and Operations - Fractions and so on. These are all common core domains of course. Games, videos and worksheets are matched with them.

When poking through the games area for the Multiply and Divide within 100 section for 3rd grade, I found a handy and easy multiplication drill game called Space Race. In it, students race against other online players in a space craft to answer multiplication problems.


There are also videos from the esteemed Khan Academy and plenty of worksheets. Be aware that the content featured on Math Chimp are collected from other sites. The intention is to make finding Common Core content easy. But that also means that the creators of the site are not responsible for the good or bad quality of the content they selected. A flipside of the site is that the resources only go up to the eighth grade.

Try out Math Chimp and tells us what you think.