The White House has a YouTube Channel and you can watch it, share it, and use it in your classroom. Help your students understand the varied roles of the President and Vice President, as well as Congress, by watching the weekly addresses, behind the scenes clips, and speeches on historical events that are happening during the current administration.

Use the White House White Board: Refinancing in economics and algebra classes for real-world application of the lessons you’re teaching. As Common Core encourages a “Less Lecturing, More Learning” approach, these types of applied knowledge examples can be useful in making learning real and important for students.

The video West Wing Week does a good job of capturing the diversity of interactions required in a week’s work for the White House.

Technology plays an increasingly vital role in our culture, affecting the way we do everything from grocery shopping and recreation to working and learning. During this election year, encourage students to notice and compare the differences that technology, especially social media, has made in election campaigns. Start with this video from the JFK Library of the first televised presidential debate, also available for free on You Tube.