So, its obvious that technology is changing the world, as we know it, and most of it starts in the classrooms. However, do you feel as if all of this technology at such a young age is taking away the simple fundamentals? For example, during football season I was talking with one of the coaches and we were talking about some schools that recently upgraded their paper textbooks to Kindles and iPads.

In our discussion he mentioned that his son was unable to sign for a package because he was never taught how to write in cursive in school. Even though, this shift in technology does appear to be very efficient in many ways, such as it limits the amount of books weighing down a child’s backpack and it offers easy access to materials, is it really a good idea?

There are millions of reasons; I’m sure, to why technology is taking over the classrooms. I mean, the educators must prepare the youth of today for the technology of tomorrow, right? However, it seems like in an attempt to prepare today’s youth for the technology of tomorrow, today’s youth are missing out on some very important, very basic skills. Now we probably do not use cursive writing as much as we used to, but it is still an important skill to have right? Riiiiight…. You know… in case you would like to write a check or sign for a package. However, I have heard many rumors that teachers have STOPPED teaching students how to write in cursive. Actually, I can imagine that most students nowadays probably do most of their writing or better yet typing on the computer. And Lord, where would we be without “Spell Check”?

Another thing that has raised a red flag for me regarding these iPads and Kindles…. now, when you lose a regular textbook, you would normally owe the school between $50 to $90 for EACH textbook. Honestly, most parents do not want to pay for that and probably won’t. However, what will happen if a student loses a Kindle or iPad that is worth between $150 to $600 a piece. I will assume that the equipment will be insured by the school but there will probably be some type of repercussion for the students and parents that most parents don’t want to deal with.

Now, I want to know what you think about technology taking over the school systems; do you think this advance in technology is helping or hindering our children for the future. Or both!? Let me know!