Helping students understand what the elements are exactly can be complicated as it isn’t very feasible to show students what they are in your classroom. That was true until NOVA’s newest episode Hunting the Elements. Host David Pogue explores elements down to the atomic level, uncovering where they come from, what role they play on our planet and in our society.

Dealing with both scientific and economic factors associated with the elements, this show will have valuable take-aways for science, economics, and social studies classes.

The two-hour special from the producers of "Making Stuff" airs April 4 on GPB.

Visit the show's website for teacher tools to expand the classroom experience. Your students can explore an interactive periodic table, build the elements, play a game hosted by David Pogue or watch the program.

Also, check out NOVA’s first iPad app, launching April 3, the day before Hunting the Elements premieres. The app is designed to entertain and educate – disproving the belief that the periodic table is boring and has no relevance to daily life.