Ever dream of hearing your name on the air alongside the likes of Ira Glass and Sylvia Paggioli?

Now you can! GPB has a new radio show called GPB's Best of Public Radio. It's a weekly half-hour program (now on Saturdays at 2:30) where we highlight some of the best public radio stories out there (and by "out there" we mean from anywhere in the world.)

Since its debut in July, we've been producing BOPR in-house. But now we're opening it up and we want to invite you to be a Guest Documentary DJ. Here's how you can get involved.


Join PRX.org. It's free and fun! You can listen to all kinds of great public radio stories. As you're listening, bookmark things you hear that are particularly good -- compelling storytelling, great use of sound, something that'll make you want to sit in your driveway to listen to the rest of it.

Once you've found 25 minutes worth of really great radio, email me (tott@gpb.org) the URLs with a quick note about why you like the stories. I'll review your choices and get back to you with the next step.

Can't wait to hear what you discover!