Georgia's Water | Live Exploration

It's a LIVE virtual field trip where students learn about the water cycle, witness how water is treated, hear from a variety of water professionals and discover ways we can all help protect our freshwater systems.

McLeod's Daughters
Speaking Aussie, Easily

If an hour or two of McLeod's Daughters each Thursday has you feeling like you could be one of Tess or Claire's mates - as in "friends" - well, not quite yet. Slang school is back in session this week, with a tough term (literally and physically). Any idea what "cactus" means in Australia?

McLeod's Daughters

No it's not what coyotes hide behind in cartoons, (Didn't you learn enough about those city dwellers in last week's Georgia Outdoors episode?) But we digress. "Cactus," curiously, is slang for "broken" or "dead." Bloody morbid, huh?

McLeod's Daughters

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April 8, 2021

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