Colorism in the Latinx Community A Seat at the Table

Premiered October 27, 2019
Colorism in the Latinx Community

Light-skin, dark-skin, curly hair, and straight hair these are stereotypes of colorism. It just doesn't happen in the African American community; it also occurs in the Latinx community. Francesca Rodriguez-Williams of Yo!Checka TV joins the table to explore the conundrum of the skin complexion in the Latinx community.

About the Program

A Seat at the Table

A Seat at the Table is a weekly series hosted by intelligent, outspoken, unapologetic African-American women. Hosts Denene Millner, Monica Pearson, and Christine White are accomplished in their own right and bring their unique perspectives through candid conversations about family, careers, health, finance, beauty, relationships and more.

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