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Studio Production FAQ

Is GPB film friendly?

Not only is GPB film friendly, we are film focused! Film locations of all origins, varying in size from small screen tests to major motion pictures, are welcome to rent our facility for production.

Can GPB provide full production support?

Yes. We can assign staff and outfit our studios for productions of any size and scope. All production equipment is routable to our (2) HD control rooms.

Is taping confined to studios only?

We consider our entire building a prime location to film. Our studios, atrium, conference rooms, offices, cubicles, corridors, and all exterior settings are available with advance planning.

What parking arrangements are available?

Free, covered parking can be provided in the parking deck adjacent to our building on designated levels for crew, talent, and extras.

Does GPB have CAD drawings of the studio level and stage layouts?

Yes, we can send files digitally for client review.

Do you provide any options for catering and craft services?

GPB has a contracted caterer, but production entities are welcome to bring their preferred caterers onsite. We can also supply a list of vendors for consideration.

May we park catering vehicles onsite?

Catering trucks, production trucks, grip trucks, and crew trailers can be accommodated onsite in our covered, secured parking garage.

Are locations permitted to post signage around the station for our filming purposes?

Crews can post directional signs in the GPB elevators and parking deck to guide crew, talent, and extras. Branding for the production on production days is also permissible, provided all signage is vetted by GPB beforehand.

Is there ample space for set load-in and buildout?

GPB can direct set trucks to our freight elevator which offers easy load-in and access to the studio level. Set crews can load in construction materials through our large studio double doors and build sets directly in studio, or load in sections of a completed set for assembly.

May we bring in union crews?

IATSE and local union crews and talent are welcome at GPB. Georgia is a Right to Work state and makes no preference for union or non-union productions. Most of our in-house and contracted crew base is non-union, though we can provide union crew options upon request.

Who do I contact to inquire about studio availability and booking?

Please direct all production rental inquiries to Mimi Ricks, Director of Studio Relations & Special Productions, by phone at 404-685-2696 or by email at