Molly Parden's

Molly Parden's "Kitchen Table" is featured on the latest list of new music from Nashville by Ann Powers. / Courtesy of the artist

It's a busy time for music critics as they prepare for the annual tradition of identifying the year's best albums and songs in listicle form. World Cafe Nashville correspondent Ann Powers took a break from her NPR deliberatons to share one more roundup of new songs coming out of the Music City.

When you think classic country, you think heartbreak, loss and fortitude... and a good turn of phrase. Take for instance the song "Married Again" by Brit Taylor. You see the title and you think the song is going to be one thing, but you'll soon find out, that it turns out to be another.

Ann also selected songs by Nashville transplants The Brummies and C.A. Jones, and one by Molly Parden, a longtime favorite of the NPR pop critic. The breakup songs on Parden's new EP are melancholy, but there is a "dreaminess" to it.

Hear all the picks and Ann's conversation about them in the audio player above. You can also hear them by following our World Cafe Nashville playlist below.

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