LISTEN: Despite the medium grade, Georgia ties for first place in the nation on the annual infrastructure report card. GPB's Sarah Kallis reports.

The Georgia State Patrol (GSP) and the Motor Carrier Compliance Division (MCCD) will be out in full force and advise motorists to drive safely and have patience this Thanksgiving holiday.

Georgia receives a C+ on the Society of Civil Engineers Infrastructure Report Card.

Credit: GPB / File

The American Society of Civil Engineers gave the State of Georgia a C+ on its annual infrastructure report card.

Despite the grade, Georgia tied with Utah for first place in the assessment. Puerto Rico was in last place.

The report card grades a state’s infrastructure in 14 different areas, including roads, drinking water, and transit.

Anita Atkinson, the president of the Georgia Chapter of the America Society of Civil Engineers, said the ranking will help the state target its most pressing needs.

“Even though those grades don't seem like they're all A's, it definitely gives us a road map for areas for potential improvement,” she said. 

Dams, transit, and storm and wastewater received the lowest rankings on Georgia’s report card.

The series of water main breaks in Atlanta in June were not factored into the report, since data collection had wrapped up by that point.