The MARTA train station at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport reopened right on schedule today after being closed for six weeks.

The Airport station underwent a series of upgrades, major renovations focused on the station platform and flooring on the concourse level.

While the train station was closed, passengers were shuttled from the College Park station to the airport. Roughly 9,000 people a day were transported using the shuttle.

MARTA said closing the station entirely for the work shortened the time needed to complete the project by 17 months.

MARTA Chief Capital Officer Carrie Rocha said the airport platform has been redone from the paint to new signage and railings.

“We now have these bright yellow strips on the edge to show you where the edge of the platform is,” she said. “We were able to get a lot of flashing work done, and ceilings, so that all the leaks that had been going into the building — those are now controlled.”

The changes are designed to improve safety and cleanliness for customers. Senior Project Manager Jermaine White said it’s nice to see passengers notice the construction work.

“It's so much brighter up here, and of course, downstairs as well,” he said. “So, I mean, it's just a big change for people to walk into the station and it changes your mood when you walk into a brighter feeling station. So we appreciate that.”

Though major changes are complete, some work will continue at the airport station to install new public art and a canopy.