April 4 is 404 Day in Atlanta. In a nod to the city’s area code — 404 — the date has become a day to celebrate all things Atlanta.

“A day that allows everybody to play in the sandbox, whether you grew here or flew here,” said Bem Joiner, co-founder of Atlanta Influences Everything.

This year events include a block party, a celebration at Piedmont Park, to a hike, to a Nike sneaker launch.

Guests attending the Piedmont Park celebration can enjoy live music from several artists, food and drinks, vendor markets and art installations from 1 to 8 p.m.

People hanging out at the 404 Day celebration at Piedmont Park in 2023.

2023 404 Day celebration at Piedmont Park.

Credit: 404 Day / Facebook

Joiner says he noticed Atlanta’s sports teams posting about 404 Day on social media about a decade ago. A few years later, there was a small party on April 4, called 404 Day that was “maybe attended by 100 or so people,” he said.

Then AT&T launched an area code campaign that included Atlanta, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles. The telecommunications company sponsored a party in Midtown Atlanta on April 4, 2019, that included Mary Mac’s food, a station to get grills (dental jewelry worn over teeth) and a drumline, Joiner said.

“And so it was just like the most Atlanta stuff in one space that I'd ever seen as a native,” he said.

It really grew from there, he said.

“Regular people all the way up to corporate folks and foundation people … all the way to public sector," Joiner said. "They've all kind of bought in. And I think because it's an easy sell, because of it's an undeniable date on the calendar.”

Recently, the celebration has expanded to a week of events. Last night, the 404 Fund hosted its inaugural 404 Day Scholarship Gala and there will be a celebrity and influence softball game on Saturday.

Joiner said he hopes the day continues to grow.

“But if nothing else, people would just wear their Atlanta pride that day and kind of celebrate all things Atlanta however they choose to celebrate,” he said.

Free tickets to the Piedmont Park celebration can be picked up here.