Atlanta law enforcement officers are working together to assemble kits that will help children deal with potentially traumatic situations. GPB's Amanda Andrews has more.


Volunteers from two law enforcement agencies gathered in Atlanta to assemble a new kit that will help officers provide emotional support for children during emergency calls.

The First Responder Kit4Kids program is a national program endorsed by the Georgia chapter of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement, or NOBLE. The program equips police with kits that include toys and activities to distract children during emergencies limiting stress and trauma.

Atlanta Police Department and the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office worked with supplies donated by the H.J. Russel Construction Company to assemble the kits.

a white table full of multi colored puzzle games, crayons, and yo-yos in a conference room.

The First Responder Kits4Kids program includes crayons, puzzles, a play pad, and other toys to distract and relieve children during emergency calls.

Credit: Amanda Andrews / GPB News

Major Aprille Moore works for the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office. She said it’s important to her that children are taken care of.

“These kits are providing an opportunity for the kids to not be paying attention to the turmoil or the chaos that may be going on,” Moore said. “They can be distracted just enough for us to ensure that they are safe while our other partners are able to take care of the issue at hand.”

Officers from both departments will carry these kits as a tool for emergency calls where children are present.

Natalie Ammons is the president of the Georgia chapter of NOBLE. She said working with two agencies is just the beginning for this program.

“It will definitely be one of our initiatives to further this partnership throughout the state, because these kits will be so beneficial to the officers that are out on the street to make that contact with the child just a little bit better than it could be,” Ammons said.

Ammons said introducing these kits into the community is a way to promote positive interactions with law enforcement.